Not So Fast: Understanding How Adversarial Actions Might Affect Your Bankruptcy

22 January 2019
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In most cases, a chapter 7 bankruptcy is a smooth and easy process that is over in a matter of a few months. Unless you run into problems, the average chapter 7 filing takes approximately 4-6 months from filing to final discharge. Unfortunately, problems can occur during the process that can lengthen that time estimate considerably. Read on to find out how adversarial actions during bankruptcy can cause delays. What Are Adversarial Actions? Read More 

Considering A Wheelie On Your Motorcycle? Think Again

4 December 2018
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As a motorcycle enthusiast, there's perhaps no maneuver that is more thrilling than a wheelie. As you rock your bike up onto its rear tire, you'll feel like a true stunt professional. However, unless you're doing this on private property or on a racetrack where such behavior is permitted, this isn't a move that you should consider. Whether you're moving quickly on the highway or just cruising down a quiet street, a wheelie is a bad idea. Read More 

Accounting For Future Medical Bills In A Personal Injury Claim

1 October 2018
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There is nothing as disappointing as getting compensated for a personal injury only to learn that you still have future medical care that the compensation didn't cover. You can avoid the disappointment by working with an experienced personal injury attorney who will ensure that you are compensated both for your past and future damages. Here are some of the cases in which you may need compensation for future medical-related damages. Read More 

Dragging Out Your Past In Criminal Court And How To Defend Yourself

28 August 2018
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When you have been arrested and charged with murder, it is a common tactic for the district attorney to pull up any past related convictions or wrongdoings in order to present a pattern of behavior. It feels like a personal attack, and it is. However, the "ends" that the district attorney is after is not just to make you look bad. He or she has another motive which they do not have to reveal. Read More 

Testing The Limits Of Income With Social Security Disability

23 July 2018
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Once you've been approved for Social Security benefits, you may be disgruntled by how little you are expected to live on. Most people may not realize it, but the Social Security Administration (SSA) never promises that the monthly benefit will entirely replace your previous job's income and you can usually only count on it being a portion of that. There is a way to earn more money, however, so read on to learn more. Read More