Common Questions Criminal Defendants Need Answered

10 January 2018
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Mounting an effective legal defense against criminal charges can be an extremely complicated task. However, those that are facing harsh criminal penalties will find that they have no choice but to mount this type of defense. In order to be as effective as possible at this task, you should have a basic understanding concerning your right sand what to expect as you work your way through the criminal justice process. Read More 

The Meaning And Significance Of “Intended Use” In Defective Product Cases

20 October 2016
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A common belief with defective product claims is that you can only recover your damages if you were using the product as intended. This is generally true, but not many people know exactly what it means. Does it mean that you must have followed the instructions exactly as described on the packing? What about if you improvised in some areas? The following passages will provide more illumination on the issue. Read More 

Hair-Do Horor Story: Suing A Hair Dresser Due To Personal Injury

19 September 2016
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When you go to the hair dresser, you expect to have a nice experience and leave with a nice hairstyle. One thing that you do not expect to leave with is damage to your hair and scalp. If damage happens, you may be in pain plus experience a difficult time regrowing your hair. If you think that your hair dresser was negligent and you wish to sue, here are some cases where you may prevail. Read More 

Workers’ Compensation Benefits, Preexisting Conditions, And The State Of Massachusetts

27 July 2016
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While workers' compensation may seem like something that is fairly new, it actually has been around for quite some time. In 1908, the United States Congress passed the Federal Employers Liability Act, which was designed to protect railroad employees that were hurt on the job. In the state of Massachusetts, the General Laws of Massachusetts features several titles of laws, including Labor and Industries, which includes a chapter dedicated to workers' compensation. Read More 

Americans With Disabilities Act: Items You Cannot Discuss With Job Applicants

27 June 2016
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As a boss or business owner, it is crucial that you know what questions you are allowed to ask during an interview. More importantly, you must know what you are not allowed to ask. When it comes to interviewing a potential employee for a new job within your company, you should be thoughtful of the legality of the questions you ask them, particularly when it comes to the topic of disabilities. Read More